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Mental Health

Mental Health distress and related concerns in family members, loved ones or ourselves can be very troubling and sometimes require professional support, advice and education to fully understand and address.

It’s important to remember that you are not alone. Consultation is often the first step toward a better result. You and your loved ones don’t need to accept the current situation as fixed or final. Constructive action can lead to positive change, and Grey Matter Psychology is here to help.

Grey Matter’s team of specialists are here to provide consultative services as you take positive action.

The First Step Doesn’t Need to be the Hardest. Let Us Help.

Education and Navigating the System

Grey Matter Psychology provides consultation services for mental health related issues, with an emphasis on psychological education, system navigation, and support to caregivers.

Understanding the underlying issue is a great start. These matters are inherently emotional and sensitive, but not insurmountable. Comprehension of the situation is key to success, which is why we place great emphasis on education, positioning you or your loved ones to make positive change.

Support systems are in place to help you on your journey, but accessing and navigating them can be challenging. Grey Matter Psychology can help you navigate benefit programs such as Assured Income for the Severely Handicapped (AISH), Alberta Works and Persons with Developmental Disabilities program (PDD), as well as applications for Guardianship or Trusteeship and enacting a personal directive.

You want to help yourself or your loved one. We want to help you. A consultation can be the all-important first step in the process of reclaiming a full and satisfying life.

Psychological Training and Workshops

Consulting services are also offered to other professionals, including training or workshops in areas of expertise. We believe that the sharing of knowledge and educational resources throughout our professional network is a key way for us to advocate for mental health and social progress.

Start a conversation today, and we’ll discuss how we can fulfill your training or workshop needs.
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