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Psychology Assessments

Psychological assessments evaluate your behavior, learning, and thinking. They are used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Establishing a diagnosis, or identifying areas of strengths or the need for support.
  • The completion of a psychological evaluation to determine the decision making capacity of an adult who seems to be struggling with making decisions, or seems to have trouble with planning or risk comprehension. This could occur after an accident, or as they move into a different stage in life.
  • To inform legal issues before the court.
  • To determine eligibility as part of an application for specialized education programs for gifted children or children with other complex needs.
  • To determine if someone meets criteria for health or social well being programs, including income support through the Government of Alberta, Government of Canada or for privately funded disability programs (ie. Alberta Blue Cross Long-term Disability Benefit).

If any of these scenarios relate to you, Grey Matter Psychology can help.

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Psychology Assessments Offered by Grey Matter Psychology

Regardless of the type of assessment, it is important to know the specific reason for the referral. In other words, assessments are only conducted when they are answering a specific question that someone has.

We offer assessments for the following purposes:

Psychology Assessments and Referrals

Your first step towards change starts here. Contact us for an initial psychological assessment consultation to see if we’re the right fit for you. If your needs are outside of our scope of practice, we are happy to provide a referral or help you identify the specific type of Psychologist you need.

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