We are a Calgary-based practice that offers both in-person and online services to best suit your needs.  

Psychological Interventions

If you are looking to take positive and constructive action to resolve a mental health concern, improve your performance, or better your quality of life, we are here to support you. Our psychological intervention services include counselling, behavioural therapy, ADHD skills coaching, parenting education and interventions, and a range of other services. We provide a comprehensive and inclusive set of interventions to help you move forward with confidence that you are receiving exceptional support and care.

Consultation and Training Services

Grey Matter offers consultation and training programs to other professionals and community members. We offer services to assist others in their work to support individuals with complex psychological disorders or needs, as well as supports to other professionals and community members in navigating complex systems of care through advocacy and education. Our team also offers a variety of training programs to non-profit agencies, clinics, schools and programming for the community through our own clinic.

Assessment Services

Grey Matter Psychology has a team of psychologists who have specialized or are in the process of building specialization in a variety of areas of psychological assessment. This includes but is not limited to diagnosing psychological disorders in children and adults, assessing how children and adults learn, the assessment of memory, personality, functional abilities/level of disability, assessments to support bariatric interventions, the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders, neuropsychological assessments, diagnosing ADHD in children and adults, and a range of other services. We also offer forensic assessment services, specifically to support disability insurance processes, decision making capacity assessments, and parenting capacity assessment.