Consulting Services

Consultation and Training Services

Professional support is sometimes necessary in helping deal with not only our own mental health concerns, but that of our family members or loved ones. The consult of a specialist can help determine positive steps through informed advice and educational materials. 

It’s important to remember that you are not alone. Consultation is often the first step toward a better result. You and your loved ones don’t need to accept the current situation as fixed or final.

Our team is here to provide consultative services as you take positive action.

Consultations to Community Members

Professional support through a psychologist is sometimes necessary to better understand the condition of a family member or loved one. Psychologists can offer support through consultation which are focused on general education rather than intervention. Common areas in which we provide consultation to community members include parenting skills, self-management of ADHD or autism, learning about ADHD or autism spectrum disorders  to improve relationships with people living with those conditions, and learning about conflict styles and how to better navigate difficult conversations, as well as many other reasons for an educational or skills focused consultation.

Consultations with Professionals

We provide consultation services to other professionals who are typically working in the fields of healthcare, the legal profession, or education. Our expertise includes navigating care or educational supports for individuals with complex mental health presentations or needs, obsessive compulsive disorders, strategies for non-pharmaceutical management of patients with chronic pain conditions (adult and child), parenting capacity, decision making capacity, psychological interventions and management for the bariatric population, and autism spectrum disorders. We are also able to provide supervision to students and early career psychologists who are interested in working within these areas.

Training and Workshops

Our team offers training and workshops to other professionals and community members on a wide range of topics. Our team has provided training, workshops, or conducted research leading to published papers or conference presentations on topics such as motivational interviewing in healthcare, solution focused therapy for housing workers, meaning making and identity through body modification and tattooing projects, chronic pain in children and youth, sport-related injury prevention, physician burnout, self-compassion in women athletes’ emotionally painful experiences, end of life care amongst individuals experiencing housing instability, Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) for severe mental illness, narrative therapy, pro-anorexia and pro-bulimia online communities, the impact of learning disorders and ADHD on self-esteem, the development and impact of parenting education programs focused on fathers, improving performance on practical exams for graduate level students in health professions programs, and a wide range of topics related to psychological assessment and psychometrics.