Colin Jones




Psychological Assistant

Colin is one of our psychological assistants and administrative team members. Prior to joining Grey Matter, Colin had an 8-year long career in oil and gas as an engineer. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering from the University of Alberta. The reason he transitioned to working in healthcare was to find a more meaningful career which had a greater focus and impact on people.

Colin’s love of his life is a dog named Indy. When he is not at work, he can be found around Calgary hanging with Indy or enjoying live music. He also plays the ukulele very badly. His biggest fear is being stuck again answering questions about himself for a staff profile.

Colin’s Role:

Like all of our psychological assistants and administrative team members, Colin wears many hats on the team. As a psychological assistant, Colin directly supports clinical team members with file management, preparing documentation, and supporting clients directly with matters such as scheduling appointments, following up with information requests, coordinating care with other health care clinics or facilities, and coordinating with law firms. Colin also supports our team with general bookkeeping, managing our technology infrastructure, and is our go to person for any technical related issues.