Celine Warawa




Registered Provisional Psychologist

Area of Focus: Therapy, Consultation

Celine is a Registered Provisional Psychologist at Grey Matter Psychology. She has been with us since November 2021. Celine holds a Master of Counselling from Athabasca University. Her counselling experience started with chronic pain clients during her practicum, and has expanded to provide service for other health concerns (sleep, ability changes, aging), as well as anxiety, depression, stress management, relationship concerns, life transitions, and a special interest in athlete wellness. Celine is also now working with clients seeking OCD treatment (inference based therapy), EMDR, and CBT-OB (weight loss and management). 

Before becoming a psychologist, Celine was an NCCP-certified gymnastics coach for recreational and developmental athletes. This is where her interest in athlete wellness comes from, seeing the challenges of managing sport training, family, and work/school. Celine moved to Calgary two years ago and loves the city, but she grew up in rural Alberta. She enjoys serving both rural and urban clients and uses a client-centered approach to work with clients within their context and lifestyle. 

Celine works with clients using perspectives and elements from cognitive behavioural therapy, solution-focused therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy, mindfulness. Celine values the relationship she builds with each client, and works as a team with her clients to establish and maintain lasting change. 


  • Athlete wellness and navigating sport/life
  • Stress skill building and management 
  • Life transitions 
  • Chronic pain and other health concerns 


  • University student transitions – skill building (managing school/time/responsibilities, living away from home) 
  • Chronic pain psychoeducation 
  • Athlete wellness education (parents, coaches, athletes)